ProCon: localization and visualization of Protein Conservation

ProCon is tool for locating and visualization of evolutionary conservation in protein sequences. The method can identify three types of conservation: identity (type I), physicochemical similarity (II), and covariant conservation (III). The conservative sites of type I and II are located with entropy calculation and the third type is identified by calculation of mutual information. The interacting networks formed by covariant pairs can also be identified. All the three types of conservation can be visualized in a representative protein structure. The tool performs exhaustive analysis results of which can be used e.g. for identifying different types of conserved residues, studying protein-protein interactions, explaining consequences of disease-causing mutations and mutant design for protein engineering.

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Protein sequences file:
in FASTA format, e.g.


To make the result informative, we suggest uers to input around 100 alignments for one protein.

Gap percent:

If you don't assign custom groups of amino acid setting, we will use a default setting of 6 groups by physicochemical property as the example shows.

Custom amino acid groups

Please input your custom groups in the format of "<group name>:<amino acids(and gaps)>" as the example shows.

The gap can be presented by "-", "." or "X".

Email: (The calculation results will be sent to the mail-box supplied soon.)