Biomarker name Biomarker characteristics Clinical application PMID
peritumoral Lymphocytes' Band-like Structure density prognosis(unfavorable) 33419819
epithelial cell size ratio higher epithelial cell size ratio after 4 weeks + lower Ki-67 nuclear antigen labeling treatment(progestin therapy) 21551965
MVD higher count(mean MVD value of 65.74) prognosis(unfavorable) 21103625
angiodensity expression prognosis(unfavorable) 14674140
Microvessel density index prognosis(unfavorable) 12722380
standard microvessel density (sMVD) high expression prognosis(unfavorable) 11745191
signal intensity (SI) higher SI tumour ratio(>209 on late T1W DCE image sequences) diagnosis(predict the aggressiveness of the tumour and microsatellite stability status.) 29895385
MTV cutoff=20 mL( in predicting deep myometrial invasion), 30 mL(lymph node metastases) diagnosis(deep myometrial invasion ,lymph node metastases) 26045311
LVSI positive diagnosis(advanced stage uterine papillary tumor) 26028082
SUVmax SUVmax>=3.0 diagnosis(recurrent or metastatic endometrial stromal sarcoma) 24118160
tumor budding (TB) high-grade prognosis(unfavorable) 22198340
tumor budding (TB) high-grade prognosis(unfavorable) 22198340
ADCmin preoperative ADCmin<0.657 prognosis(recurrence) 22008707
SUVmax SUVmax cutoff=16.5 diagnosis(predictive factor for identifying endometrial cancer patients with a poor prognosis.) 21764107